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Aircraft Interior Recycling Services


  • Free recycling services depending on volume
  • Project Organisation & Delivery
  • Cost neutralise the waste you produce
  • Revenue Share Programs available
  • Nationwide and European Collections (ROTW)
  • Audit Reports
  • Recycling & Up-Cycling of Core Materials
  • Possible Carbon Credits
  • WEEE Certificates, Environmental Certificates, Waste Transfer Notes & Data Protection

SD Aviation operates an end-to-end audit and certification process which protects both client and SD Aviation as a mandatory requirement.

SD Aviation recognises that in many cases many departments do not have the time or resource to carry out an audit of equipment. In these instances SD Aviation will attend site and complete this audit on behalf of the client.

Upon receipt of a purchase order the following process will take place.

  1. Arrange for collection
        a. Labour will be provided on the client site
        b. Our project manager will be on site to supervise the collection
  2. Receive goods into SD Aviation store
  3. All equipment is checked in and uploaded onto our systems:
        a. Description of item
        b. Quantity
        c. Brand
        d. Model no:
        e. Serial no:
  4. Each item is then identified for purpose as agreed with the client
  5. All items are then broken down into recycling components
  6. Each item has a unique code for auditing purposes
  7. The client receives a audit log coupled with SD Aviation certificate which must be retained by client and supplier for a minimum period of seven years