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clear I.T.

clear I.T.

About SD Aviation

SD Aviation offers the definitive comprehensive, security and compliance-led end-to-end solution to your IFE, Avionics & IT components.

SD Aviation provides you with an alternative solution to landfill for your aircraft interior components.

SD Aviation is an expert in helping organisations manage the upheaval, the logistics, the legal burden, and the cost associated with removing aircraft interior components responsibly.

Delivering unique insights into the logistical, security, legal, and environmental demands of the recycling of aircraft interiors SD Aviation offers an array of end to end infrastructure removal and recycling services.

Expert,¬†sophisticated and thorough, yet simple to engage. SD Aviation provides total peace of mind through strong certification, end-to-end process transparency, and complete scalability, together with tangible return on investment.

Working with SD Aviation, organisations can help develop appropriate strategies, policies and tactics for the recycling of aircraft interiors.

All materials retrieved from sites follow a line of audibility and traceability returning the materials back to our up-cycling supply chain of partners for the production of new products.

The customer receives all the necessary and compliant certificates which must be retained by supplier and customer for a minimum period of 7 years.

We are currently working with strategic partners with the latest technology available to make sure that we can offer the following

  • Knowledge & Expertise
  • Reliability & Longevity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Security & Vigilance
  • Quality of Service